My name is Oskar Svensson and I was born 1985 in
Sweden. At the age of four I was introduced to skiing in Are. Even though my very first days trying to become a skier resulted in a broken leg, I was far from put down. During my teens the passion for skiing and climbing grew bigger and I have spent five years living and skiing in France, Austria and Switzerland during the winter season. I have competed now and then on the Freride World Qualifying Tour but nowadays I focus on photo shoots and riding with my friends combined with studies at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH).

I believe it is good to put your energy into doing things or being with people from whom you will also gain energy. That way, you will always be filled with good vibes. I feel it is most important to keep what you do real and try to enjoy each moment and to try to take advantage of every opportunity life provides! 

Thank you for visiting this page, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me!

- Kriget mot vardan, ar det ett forsvarbart krig, bor det paga for jamnan, eller blir man da med tiden fullstandigt omojlig att ha att gora med som manniska ? Ulf Lundell, 1985